I’ve been reading a book called Broadcasting Happiness by former TV Anchor and current Producer of The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor  on PBS.  Michelle Gielan is also the founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and is a practical scientist using research to drive business results.


The book teaches us how to capitalize on positivity and gives  examples and case studies that prove, that people who focus on being positive and happy, actually make more money and fuel their success.


In my own world where I coach speakers and leaders who intend and want to be inspirational, it’s made an enormous difference to have the statistics to back up what I have known for quite some time: FOCUS on being POSITIVE because it will flow back to you!


A recent example in my own life: I realized a while back that one of my top values was being connected in an authentic way to others who are upgrading their lives and who focus on living life with integrity and with people having fun.  I intentionally created a group of women and a few men who were entertaining, fun, creative, ambitious and above all: POSITIVE!  This intentional development of my inner circle has allowed me to spend less time focusing on the negative aspects of my life and I now  have outlets to be able to deal with them.   The happier I’ve become, the more relaxed I am, and with that attitude, my sales calls are so focused on helping the client and not attached to whether or not they sign up for this or that package. I merely state the facts that I believe we are the best in speaker development, and it’s created awesome relationships with the RIGHT professionals.  The result has been wonderful for business!


I recently spoke with a prospect that  does NOT have a goal of happiness. His goal is strictly to MAKE MORE MONEY. He seems to think that the more he drives to gain momentum in his career and bowling over people in the process with whatever means necessary will bring him the ultimate success he desires.  I imagine that Madonna was like that when she was younger. She proclaimed on live TV that she wanted to RULE THE WORLD.  She did for quite a short time, but her reputation never quite gave her the leg up she wanted. She wanted to be a movie star, but created such a big music career that her image of a brash and pushy musician who pushed the limits, it type cast her in Hollywood.

This individual has the dream of being a CEO however, he is pushy, brash and not nice to administrative staff. He’s been fired and also told many times that he gets in his own way. His over ambition has created a monster, and so much so that even this coach is somewhat intimidated by him. In my role, I have to be super honest with people and let them know how they’re affecting me. If they’re obnoxious I will tell them and we’ll work on repositioning statements.  But this individual after speaking with him at length almost STOLE my JOY, and all I can say is that I can imagine others must feel the same.  After spending time with him, I was so disturbed by his animosity towards others, it upset my flow of the day.

If I felt that way, and I was just a possible vendor to him, I can imagine his clients who find out who the REAL person is behind the scenes.  I can’t imagine them being happy being around him.

Sadly, when I reflect on my own life, I am sure I was probably more in line with this prospect when I was younger. Over ambitious behavior drove me to work hard, long hours and I even put work ahead of life.  I’ve changed to understanding more what a great life is really about. It’s about creating strong connections with like-minded wonderful people, to find work that matters and that gives back to others, and to have enough so  that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor with the people that you love. Covid has had an impact on so many of us in this respect – focus on what matters most!

Happiness matters!  Happiness is awesome and pursuing it can change your life for the better.  Check out Michelle’s book: BROADCASTING HAPPINESS so you can be on your way to learning the tools and the techniques to get you where you want to be.  And when you’re Broadcasting  Happiness all around you, you’ll be increasing your sales, lowering your stress  and much more productive.  If that doesn’t make you happy, then read the book again!  We all need a little more happy!