Do you desire to be a leader in your organization? Are you already a leader but want to show more leadership skills? Coaching is a great way to enhance your professional performance and to increase your visibility within your organization or your industry.

As a coach, Mary will work with you to assess your strengths and your skills. She’ll also work with you to gain an understanding of how your organization works and what you need to do in order to increase your skills. If you need to enhance your personal and professional image, Mary will take you shopping! If you need to work on your self esteem so you can take on a more visible role, Mary will work with you to build on your strengths. If you want to create clients into raving fans, Mary will help you put together a plan to do that.

Mary’s clients have been CEOs, CFOs, Sales Managers, Accountants, Lawyers, and Executives from many different industries. Her system will not only get you focused on your professional goals, but you’ll become more balanced as a person. Mary encourages her clients to look at every aspect of their lives to see if the client is living according to their own values.

Contact Mary at 407-644-4046 or email her at for rates and availability.