Does your life suffer from Brain Fog? Do you ever slip up and forget something really silly? Have you had stress so bad that you feel like your head or chest might pop? Have you ever been so rushed in life trying to get it all done that your overwhelm takes over and completely immobilizes you and makes you ineffective? Have you ever just “crashed” emotionally or mentally and thought.. “what the heck is the point anyway.. I’m not ever going to be able to do XYZ”…

I, like you, have suffered from all of the above at different times, and sometimes all on the same day! I’m guessing that if you’re a parent, a business person, running a house hold, managing kids, paying the bills, working, working out, managing friends and family, and trying to balance it all, then you’ve suffered too. But what I want to share with you now, is that you DON’T have to suffer any longer!!!

Last May, I met a gal on my TV tour that was also appearing on the local TV station in Cleveland. She heard me say on TV that my child suffered from ADHD and so she approached me with a huge smile and told me about a product that she was showing on the air. She insisted, that in all of her 40 years of growing up and living organic, and being in the business of owning an organic store, that she had NEVER come across a product that worked as miraculously as this one. Then she gave me a sample. It tasted like grass in liquid form, but within about 10 minutes, I felt a mental lift. Still, I thought that perhaps it was because I was on TV and having a blast that I all of a sudden felt a mental lift. But, with her encouragement of 100 % money back guarantee that I should DEFINITELY try it, I took the information and left.

When I got home, I listened to the DVD she gave me. It was interviews with many top health experts in the world, medical doctors etc, who use this product E3live –Brain On with their patients. I was intrigued, so I went on line and ordered. Within a few days, I started feeling better. At two weeks, my husband and I started calling each other saying, “wow… I think I feel good”. Within about 3 weeks, I started being more and more productive in my house. I started landscaping, sewing, and doing projects that had been sitting there for months and even years!

Within a few weeks, my son seemed to calm down. No one in our family had anger outbursts anymore that were purely chemical imbalances from food, or sugar or whatever. For the first time in a long, long time, our house, and all of us in it, were at peace and calm and “OH MY GOSH”.. we were enjoying each other!!!

As a coach and self development junkie, I’ve always been a seeker of new ways to improve myself and others. I’ve always been relatively healthy and have always been an athlete. But I can honestly say, that there has NEVER been another product, that I’ve ever used or taken that has absolutely changed the course of my life, until I discovered e3live. I am overjoyed that now my family is doing so well and my son who has had severe inattention issues, seems to continue to get better and better every day.

Now that I have signed up as a distributor on line and as the rep in the state of Florida, my friends are starting to take it. We’ve had long conversations about how life USED to be… struggling with memory, energy, anxiety and focus.. and now?? It’s joyful, and the energy seems to be abundant. We’re productive, making more money, happier and the best part about it, is that now, I’m giving this gift to any and all of my friends. In my mind, I truly believe that since our culture has gotten away from living off the land, and the food now causes us to have chemical imbalances that we wouldn’t get if we all ate 100% clean. But in 1 tablespoon of e3live, you’re getting 2 pounds of leafy green veggies, with all of the B vitamins, the Omegas, and everything your body needs for brain health and for health at a cellular level. It’s 100% organic, raw and it’s right out of the lake. It’s Blue Green algae – and if you know Dr. Oz, you know he’s all about Blue Green Algae!!! (Scientifically proven in double blind studies, medically endorsed, etc.. )

Please give yourself and your family the biggest gift that you could ever imagine – HEALTH! It’s not hard! It’s so easy and it’s 100% guaranteed or the company will send you back every single cent!!! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! Stable moods, clear digestive health, healthy hair, skin and nails, Clear and FOCUSED brain, energy that abounds, being put in a good mood 10 minutes after you consume it and so many other benefits!!!

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this product. We’ve timed how long it takes for us to go from cranky to HAPPY and for my son it’s 3 minutes, and for me it’s 10 minutes! I’ve learned that BRAIN CHEMISTRY is just like brushing your teeth, you have to create a positive environment for your brain and body to thrive EVERY single day.

E3live will do that for you. Daily.

All it takes is a Tablespoon or two a day.. to change your life.

You have nothing to lose.. but EVERYTHING to gain!!!

I can’t wait to hear from YOU.. how YOUR life has changed. Write me SOON!!!

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