Recently my bank opened a new branch that is a few miles away from my house. I used to visit the local branch that was located in the grocery store and enjoyed seeing the ladies on a weekly basis who were the tellers.

Since the store branch closed, I’m forced to travel a few miles more down the road to the new beautiful building that also offers drive through service. I’ve been getting used to that recently and so only spied at the tellers through the camera lens.

I’ve since discovered that it’s worth it to go inside the bank and get to know the tellers. And I also learned that it’s good to know the managers!

On one particular day I deposited money into the wrong account. I have a few accounts.. for business and/or personal, along with my husband’s, his business and our son; and there was a deposit for the wrong account. It can cause problems when trying to do taxes and keeping everything in the right order.

She discovered the mistake and attributed it to me. I had asked the teller to deposit into an account without knowing the right account number at the time. Nevertheless, because of the confusion, there was definitely reason to believe that the teller might also be at fault.

After explaining that my side of the story and also my long history with the bank, this nice woman took the time to rearrange everything in my accounts. It did take some time but we got it straight. I was very grateful.

Today when I went into the bank, we spoke socially for the first time. We got to know one another and I found her to be such an interesting woman. She’s Spanish and from Peru. She’s also traveled all over the world and went to college in London. I enjoyed our conversation immensely and will look forward to seeing her again.

I’m happy I like my banker. And I’m happy she likes me. Why? Because she said some magic words to me that I’ll hold onto:

“We’ll take care of you Mary”.

Why is that important? It’s important because as an entrepreneur there are favors that I need. Checks to not be held or times when I might ask them to stay open a few minutes late so I can get there on time before they close to deposit a check. I’ve had times where I’ve been on the road and I needed something special from my banker and it’s always easier when they know you versus just being a voice over the phone.

I’ll take care of them too. I’ve brought them presents before when they did favors for me, and I’ll do it again. I want to have a great relationship with them so they’ll feel good about taking care of me, their customer.

How about you? Are you friends with the people who can help you at some point? Are you extra courteous to them or treat them like a friend? Do you know where they are from and a little about their family? Do you know their interests and what makes them tick?

It might be worth finding out so if and when the day comes that you need a special favor, they’ll be happy to do it instead of resentful.

It just takes a few minutes of your time. But it could save you hours later.

Now THAT is what I call: A Good Investment!