Weary of seeing yet another story about how that male celebrity is back in rehab or the well-known socialite is rumored to be anorexic?Well, the public is too, and they are demanding a new perspective on stardom.

In a world obsessed with celebrity culture, ironically, many shows ignore the constructive, more compassionate side of celebrity lives. In addition, with the rise of many shows like Extreme Home Makeover and Oprah’s upcoming O Philanthropy programs, the public has called out for the media to focus on the good things the celebrities are doing to better the world. Star Causes will feature the positive side of a life in the public eye by showcasing celebrities and the charities they passionately support.

Star Causes is a forum for celebrities to discuss projects they care deeply about and thus, have used their status to promote.Celebrities will see the show as an opportunity for positive press and publicity for their cause. Viewers will discover important causes, how to get involved, and an unknown side of their favorite celebrities, not typically covered in entertainment media.

The casual atmosphere of the one-hour show will highlight the ‘dressed down” celebrity in their home or in a relaxed environment. The show’s host will interview celebrities about why and how they were compelled to get involved in their particular charity, and how they currently contribute. Footage may also include the celebrity at events promoting ways to get involved and upcoming opportunities. Additionally, vignettes will show the star “at work,” demonstrating their commitment and care, as they interact closely with those who benefit from their involvement. Human interest segments will include interviews with those directly benefiting from the charity’s work.

Beyond appealing to the emotion and interests of viewers, Star Causes will be highly interactive. A dedicated website will promote live auctions featuring celebrity memorabilia gifts, events, trips or conversations with featured celebrities. Messaging will also reach out to the audience and encourage their involvement, whether it be volunteering their time or donating money. An online community will promote the organization and connect viewers to celebrities and the details of their causes.

Star Causeswill not only bring to light the star and their cause, but will brighten the lives of those that are in need.

This show, hosted by Mary Gardner, TV personality, professional coach and formerly publicist and agent to the stars, will interact both in the studio and on site at charity functions all over the country. Each week, one charity will be featured with their celebrity spokesperson, along with one lesser known charity that deserves a voice. There will be no shortage of celebrities welcoming the opportunity to allow their “cause” to become the “star.”

Star Causes with Mary Gardner

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