I’m leaving on a TV tour in a few weeks. I’m going to be on the road. This is my second one and I’ll visit TV news stations all over the country talking about the HOTTEST Baby shower gifts for the season. Let me tell you about my last tour and the miracle that happened:

I knew that it was going to be a long trip, in and out of airports every single day and facing many people during the flu season. I also knew I’d be away from my husband and son and it was going to be draining.

So, I prayed that God would send me angels along my trip.

Lo and behold, I got my prayer answered in a very bizarre way! It was through my taxi cab drivers and my old and new friends along the way. Here are the names of the people who taxied me around:








ANGEL – SERIOUSLY.. two separate men named Angel


Elisabeth (Lisa)



David and

DIANE CROSS! Seriously.. my new super cool friend Diane Cross is from Detroit and worked at the FOX station! (Die On Cross= guess who? .. Jesus! )

At each stop, I called my husband and I called the publicist who booked me and told them the names of my cab drivers. We were all getting a kick out of it. There were a few other names thrown in there like Craig or foreign names I cant’ pronounce, but the bulk of them came from the old and new testament. I firmly believed that an angel nudged the people along to be there when I called or to offer to help me out. They made my trip completely easy and I was confident that I was being well taken care of.

And now I KNOW angels exist!!!

If any of YOU have an angel story.. I’d love to hear it!!!

That’s great. I’ve had similar experiences while travelling: God sending saints my way as cab drivers, companions, lodge keepers, etc. . I pray He gives you many during this next trip.
Garrett, VA

Yes… I too believe Angels exist – what a sweet story – have another great round and look forward to seeing you sometime before 2035 (lol) !!!
Best regards,
Jordyn, NYC

Hey Mary!
I think that’s so wild about the cab drivers!!!
Can’t wait to hear about the appearances. Michelle, NJ

Too Funny!!! I’m bumming that I’ll miss seeing you on one of the channels in NYC but I’m sure they will hear of your segment and want to book you soon. Make sure you keep tapes so we can see them!!!
Lot’s of love,
Geof… just another way of spelling Angel 🙂