Don’t you just love it when you meet a person that really stands out? It’s like that moment on American Idol when Simon predicted Cary Underwood would be the winner from the very first day he met her.

It’s like seeing Brad Pitt for the first time on Thelma and Louise and knowing that he was going to be a mega star. Its like seeing Tom Cruise in .. oh,. No.. not him again! It’s like meeting a child who is articulate at age 2 or reads at age 3. You just know that this person is special.

That’s how it is when you go to the Sonesta Resort in Key Biscayne Fl. If you find your way there, you’ll find a good looking bartender by the name of Geno. Geno is a bartender who has been at the Sonesta for almost 30 years. You’d never believe that because he looks so young!

The first time my husband Sway and I met Geno we were impressed by how quick he got to our side of the bar to welcome us and put down a couple of napkins. We were swept up into the charm of this man who obviously loved what he did for a living. Geno’s first impression is really great because he’s very attractive and is in excellent shape from running, but it’s more about his attitude. When I saw that it was GENO that made that bar what it is, I knew that I wanted to get to know more about this individual.

Sway and I sat at the bar the first time for 2 or 3 of Geno’s special drinks: The Geno Special. The Geno Special is a pina colada that has rum poured in the straw so you get a little something extra. It’s topped off with a pineapple slice and served to you by a very friendly and FAST bartender. Geno took the time to talk with Sway and I that day. We both told him about our businesses and how we came to end up vacationing at the Sonesta Resort.

Months later when we were in Miami again, we remembered the special service that we had gotten from this bartender, Geno. So, we decided that having a night or two away by ourselves would be fun, and to go back to where we felt comfortable.. back to see Geno! When we arrived at the bar, we reintroduced ourselves and Geno shook our hands, and acted happy to see us. He said to me, “how are your TV gigs coming along” and he asked Sway, “your sister works in Coconut Grove doesn’t she?”

We were blown away by his memory and I found out then that Geno has a great way of making people feel special. He remembered 1 thing apiece about each of us, and we were so happy that we have been going back to that hotel and bar now for 3-4 years! We always ask for Geno and this last trip we were disappointed to find out that Geno was on vacation. (How DARE he!? J )

I talked to Geno a bit about his rules of great customer service. Geno does speaking professionally for corporations and gets rave reviews. I’ve even talked about Geno in MY speeches, because I’m so impressed by his service.

Here are Geno’s 3 Rules of Excellent Customer Service:

People want a great product.
They want to be treated special.
They want it FAST.

That’s it! Just three rules of thumb. It sounds so easy and he certainly makes it look that way too. He is a living model of what he preaches because I can honestly say he is probably the fastest bartender I’ve ever seen, and is probably one of the fastest service people that I’ve seen in the whole state of Florida.

Geno told me that he uses peoples names to make them feel special, or he’ll remember something special about them and ask them about it. He also serves a great product at a fair price and adds his own little flair to it. Lastly, he keeps people happy and coming back by making sure they don’t have to wait for their drinks and meals. I can only imagine that Geno has done extremely well financially. I bet people tip him huge amounts because he makes everyone feel so loved.

Geno is a great model of what everyone should strive to be in customer service. I think all of us can learn a thing or two from Geno. He has a great attitude, product and service. Its fun to watch him work and it’s fun to learn from him. And who knew that you could see a great businessman in action by sitting down at a bar?

Sometimes all it takes, is a little Pina Colada!

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