Tone Up Your Executive Skills

For your session, you’ll spend 2 evenings with Executive and Celebrity coach, Mary Gardner or 1 full day of coaching and training. Mary is an executive coach who works with corporations and executives. She is a well-known speech coach who has worked with dozens of celebrities, executives and performers on their public speeches, performances and careers. Mary is a former publicist and celebrity lecture agent.

Here is what you’ll get: 2 consecutive nights from 6:00-9:00PM

Night 1 (3 hours)

  • We’ll identify your strengths, your weaknesses, your resources, and your goals for your life and your career.We’ll assess where you need the work and we’ll discuss a path to get you there.We’ll handle any communication issues at work that you need to discussWe’ll plot out a path for your career growth. This will include branding you in the company, your industry or in the mediaWe’ll discuss opportunities for you to speak publicly or professionallyI’ll teach you whatever you need to know about public speaking, media appearances, the lecture circuit, developing workshops, seminars, marketing yourself, branding yourself and handling media, agents and the like.
  • We’ll discuss articles that you can write and how to get them published and why

Night 2 (3 hours)

  • We’ll reassess from the following night and discuss new ideas either of us have discoveredWe’ll discuss your speech that you have prepared and next, We’ll put you on camera!You will be drilled over and over and over and coached until you are comfortable and you KNOW what you are doing.We’ll review the tape and I’ll give feedback (you get to keep the tape!)We’ll review the session and make plans to talk if appropriate
  • I’ll ask you to call me to check in within the next few days. I want to know WHO HAS NOTICED YOUR NEW POWER and CONFIDENCE!

What I can promise:

  • I can promise that I’ll support you and cheer you onI can promise that I’ll deliver the best coaching and consulting within my expertise that I canI can promise complete confidentialityI can promise that two nights with me will give you an incredible boost in your career I can promise that I’ll give you your money’s worth – guaranteed!
  • I can promise that I’ll wear you out, but you’ll be completely charged!

What I ask of you:

  • That you prepare me by faxing me the coaching prep form, your bio and all press information at least 2 days in advance.That you are completely coachable That you leave your ego at the doorThat you trust me and are open to suggestions and are willing to be stretchedThat you know you can tell me any time you are uncomfortable with any request. We’ll find a middle groundThat you be completely open about your difficulties, fears and your expectationsThat you be willing to laugh at yourself and get up and do it again if I ask
  • That you pay me before or at beginning of the session

What can happen after our sessions:

  • Your co-workers will notice a total difference in youYou will be charged up and ready to tackle the worldYou will be prepared to handle any speeches and media appearances. You may still be nervous but you’ll be prepared and ready to go!You WILL handle your nervesYou’ll feel more at ease in social situations and know what to sayYou’ll have a way to deal with overwhelmYou’ll know what energizes you and you’ll take time to be YOU and to do the things you loveYou will probably sleep better
  • You have the option to hire me as your coach.

What to bring/wear/do/expect:

  • Wear business attire
  • Bring your issues you want to discuss to the session
  • Fax, email or send me your bio and any press information, upcoming speeches, etc to me at:

Mary Gardner
P.O. Box 1716, Winter Park FL 32790

COSTS: $1800 for 6 hours (includes venue, video camera fees, administrative costs and materials fees) + Travel & Living expenses outside of the Charlotte Metro Area

Make checks or money orders payable to: Lifestyles Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 1716, Winter Park FL 32790

TIME: Monday-Tuesday nights 6PM-9PM


What I will provide:

  • Privacy, water, soft drinks, bathroom breaks, a receipt
  • A certificate of completion of 6 hours of training and coaching for the Intensive Executive Workout from Lifestyles Communications, Inc.

Contact Info:
Lifestyles Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 1716.
Winter Park, Fl 32790-1716

Phone: (407) 644-4046
Fax: (866) 264-6405