Tone Up Your Executive Skills

Do you have the heart of an athlete? Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Are you an executive, lawyer or CEO who needs more Power, more Charisma? Would you like a better public persona and polished speaking skills? Are you right on the edge of your career exploding and you just want a little push? Do you want to be noticed more or desire more recognition in your company, or industry? If you have answered yes to any of these questions,

Assessment Questionnaire

Take this assessment test to see if you qualify as a candidate for the Intensive Executive Workout Program:

1. Do you want to compete and WIN in your career, your Job and your life?

2. Are you interested in getting more recognition on stage, in the courtroom, in your job or in your company?

3. Do you want to be noticed when you are speaking in meetings?

4. Do you face fear when you have to speak at meetings, conferences or seminars?

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5. Would you like to be taken more seriously?

6. Do you want a better connection with the people you work with?

7. Do you want more fun, balanced and energized existence?

8. Do you desire to develop your name recognition in your company, your industry or the media?

9. Do you know that public speaking will enhance your reputation but you can’t stand it or you continually get out of it when it is your chance to shine?

10. Would you like to feel more comfortable in social situations outside of work?

If you have answered yes to more 3 or more of these questions, you qualify for the Intensive Executive Workout!

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