Hey Everyone!

I’ve been busy behind the scenes with my book: Blessed Chaos! I’m working diligently with a new editor who is making it better than it was before… so that’s been a lengthy project but one that I hope you’ll find beneficial to families who are raising “unique” kids!

Also, I did my first marathon at Disney a few weeks ago! It was excruciatingly painful because it was the coldest day of the year and one of the coldest days on record that Florida has had in about 20 years. It even snowed! There was ice on the ground! People slipped at the water stops that froze over. It was difficult to keep the body from freezing too.. so let me say, it wasn’t something that I’d like to repeat soon. But, after it was all said and done, I got a nice medal, and had an experience with euphoria when I realized.. I RAN A MARATHON!  Still, my time reflected a novice runner, so I’m getting back in the game again and training harder for NEXT TIME!

Professionally, I’ve started a business with two amazing women: Linnette Padron and Cheryl Hardy. Our new business is called Persimmon and our website is www.persimmonventures.com   We’re doing PR/Marketing for a variety of projects and people.. including my book!  If you have any projects that we should take a look at you can write us at info@persimmonventures.com or mary@persimmonventures.com

Always nice to correspond with friends around the country and thanks for keeping up with me on Facebook and Twitter. I hope to continue to learn about the world of Autism as well as mental, physical and spiritual health.

Thanks for checking in and I look forward to posting more! Mary