smile together

Today I spoke with a friend, Willie, who lives all the way across the country. We met in an airport while both were on business trips, sat and had a beer together and have been friends ever since. I see him daily (on Facebook) and we’ve kept up with each others’ families, friends and lives.

Today I brought him a scenario from a new client who confessed to me that even though he was ranked as the number one spot on the sales team for his company, he was never going to advance because of his boss because of his negative attitude. He came to me for an attitude adjustment and to learn how to be likeable and charismatic. Unfortunately, one session in, he grew impatient about discussing characteristics such as humility, positive mental attitude, and friendliness. He finally confessed: He doesn’t want to change to like people, he just wants to make more money.

While my client may need some emotional maturity and fall on his face a few more times before he learns that money doesn’t bring happiness if you’re alone, and that developing ones’ personality brings way more your way than just money, he will probably hear a story that I heard today from my friend Willie.

When I told my friend that my client wants to move up through the ranks, Willie told it to me straight. No VP of sales is going to stay in that position long if his/her team can’t trust them. True partnering takes humility and hard work and the relationship must be strong. Then Willie shared his story that was inspiring as well as impressive!

Willie started in a new field over 2 years ago. Within a year and a half the competition was getting beat up by him and started to try to recruit him. Finally he had a solid offer on the table so because he loved his company, he went back to them and let them know. Not only did they match it for $12,000 more a year, but he was able to negotiate more vacation time off as well.

Willie doesn’t go into SELL to the potential customer. He goes into share a SMILE. His biggest goal is that WHOEVER he comes in contact with, whether it is the person at the store waiting on him or a CEO of a company, Willie won’t leave until he’s “shared a smile!” That means they BOTH smile and enjoy one anothers’ company, even if for a brief moment!

That philosophy plus the commitment of excellent work has brought Willie’s value up in the minds of his customers and even his competitors. He shared, when someone is good, the word spreads.

So I will pass on to you what Willie passed on to me today by starting our conversation today by saying: I hope YOUR FEEL GOOD FRIDAY is OFF TO A BANG!   Start by SHARING a SMILE with everyone you meet. And if you’re in sales? Soon you’ll be dancing your way to the bank because your customers (and everyone else) will want to hang with you, talk with you, and work with you. Now that? You gotta love!