Want to lose some weight? Want to get your adrenaline rushing? Want to get an incredible workout? Want to see what you’re REALLY made of?

My husband, my son and I just moved this week. Or was it last week? I seriously can’t remember what day it is.

We relocated from Charlotte, NC to Orlando FL. I’m thrilled with our decision to relocate to Florida for many reasons. First and foremost, we have tons of family here and I want my son to grow up around his family. Then, my husband will be closer to his business partner and we won’t have to take a dozen trips here a year by car. And lastly, I’m happy to be in a place that celebrates creativity rather than squashes it. Orlando is the home of the “world’s most famous mouse” after all, and Walt Disney was a HUGE dreamer. I felt Charlotte was so reserved that people with big personalities were dubbed as trouble makers. I guess it’s true though, because people with big personalities do shake things up and get people out of their comfort zone. Yep, that’s me… in a good way of course!

But the moving? It takes FOREVER! Because we packed ourselves we started about a month early. The movers came on Friday and we were feeling pretty good about things. But when it came down to the wire, our neighbors Tim and Heather and their kids were cleaning and vacuuming just as much and as hard as we were to get us out of there the next morning by noon. There was tons of last minute items that somehow my husband managed to shove into one of our two Ford Explorers. We were packed to the max and had our dog in the front seat with me and son in the back. There wasn’t an inch of space in Sway’s car. I don’t know how he did it.

We drove all day on Saturday and an 8 hour drive turned into 11 ½ because of traffic and bad rain storms. We stopped for some good meals too and were exhausted when we rolled into my parent’s house around midnight. The last hour of the drive when I was begging my husband to let me sleep or get coffee, he encouraged me to stop listening to Zig Zigler on tape and listen to music instead. As much as I LOVE ZIG.. that did the trick and I danced in my car the rest of the way home. Latin music REALLY wakes you up!

We rested on Sunday and the movers came on Monday. I fed them breakfast and lunch, brought out a cooler of Gatorade and water and they probably lost about 15lbs each that day. It was a hot summer Florida day and they had to climb 3 stories for every piece of furniture and item we had. I had to provide towels because even their hats were dripping with sweat. But we got everything in.

That’s another issue!!! Everything doesn’t FIT in. We moved from almost a 3000 sq. feet home into a 1100 sq ft. apt. Of course 1/2 of our funiture is in storage until we buy a place but I have been unpacking for days and still there are boxes upon boxes to unload. Thank goodness that my sister loves to cook and is going to appliance “sit” for us for several months. I loaded her up with everything from a pasta maker to dishes and decorations. My parents are housing our lawn mower, bikes and some pictures.

Not to mention that I needed and have gotten shoes and uniforms for Jeremy for school, am getting all of his records sent to me from NC for school, and keeping up the search to find a new house for 6 months down the road.

Oh, and did I mention that the new kids at the neighborhood pool want me to start a swim team?

It sounds fun, but would add just MORE to my already full plate.

So in times like these, one must prioritize:

Get Jeremy’s school stuff
Go to the pool and relax

Ahhhhh, I’m glad I was able to figure this all out. And if YOU need some change in your life, then announce to yourself and to the world that you’re going to move. Then DO it. It’ll shake you to your core, and you’ll have to dig down deep to get every last bit of energy to accomplish your goal.

But one never knows the unpredictable surprises that will come along the way. And perhaps that is JUST what our lives need to keep us fresh and alive.