I’m giving a creativity workshop tomorrow for a group of people at a hospital. This is the first time that I’ve given a workshop to this group and I’ve tried to come up with several things that might make it fun. That was my only requirement: FUN.

The workshop is on creativity so I will be giving them strategies that they can use at home and in the workplace. We’ll also do several exercises that will open them up to being more creative. These will be fun of course.

But knowing what I know about it’s really more about how the participants FEEL about me, then I know that I’m going to do some exercises that will be geared towards improving their sense of self while in that room. I want them to feel GOOD about being different, unique and even a bit wacky if that’s what they do. I’ll laugh with them and not at them, and I’ll do exercises where the participants are endorsed for bringing up their special strengths.
I’m excited to give a creativity workshop to a bunch of left brained people. I know it’ll be a stretch to them but my goal is to get them to loosen up and then show them their own brilliance!

I’m hoping that’ll be the key tomorrow and I’ll let you know!