Life is good!!!

A few years ago I attended and was honored to be the Master of Ceremonies at the National Sensory Processing Disorder Conference in Chicago.

At that time, I was able to view and hear about many therapies that work for kids who struggle with attention, ADHD, ADD,  Autism, or sensory issues.  The one that I found that I wanted to try for my son, was the ILS program.  Integrated Listening Systems, an auditory program, is the “Mac daddy” of all of the auditory programs. It’s a system you can use with your OT or one that you can purchase and use from home to improve focus.

When I tried it out by putting on the headset and listening to the music, I immediately felt calmer.  It’s classical music thats just beautiful and puts you in a state of “ahhhh, life is awesome” mood!!

I wanted to use the system at home, and the time just wasn’t right, but FINALLY, I was able to catch up with life enough to get the speaker and trainer to come over from Tampa a few weeks ago and to tell her story about how it’s improved her own family!

She has three kids, all of which have been on the program. One of her children was surely to have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum at a young age.   He had sensory issues, focus issue, had an IEP with the school and was special needs. She did the program with him for a few years, although in the first two months, the results were DONE. She was able to effectively rewire his brain!

This child is now in high school. He’s a star athlete and student. He has many friends and she knows that it was THIS program that turned his life around and put in him on solid ground.

I’m reading up on the ILS system now.. and will be taking the training. I’m thrilled and look forward to reporting in on the changes in our household.

I told my son.. it’ll help your sports.. and with THAT.. he announced: “LETS GET STARTED”!!!

Just gotta know their buttons… and now… we’re off and running!!!